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    Original painting created by Soleil (you can view the process of many of her paintings on TikTok @RisingSoleil), available as a digital print.

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    Over the years, we’ve released many gaming supplements and adventures, for many different kinds of systems. We’re now offering them all for free to…

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  • The Hell House Beckons – D&D 5e

    In the middle of a barren dustbowl is a manor. Tall and grey, it juts out of the infertile earth like a tombstone, marking the grave of hundreds. This manor is a place of evil. A place where tortured ghosts stalk the halls, and beneath its floorboards are the remnants of atrocities committed in the name of the Devil

  • Ichor Night – D&D 5e

    Ichor Night pits characters against a warren full of the most heinous and grisly monsters known to fantasy roleplaying games: Demons! Help part-time demon hunter Carla Wainwright save her sleepy town of Bontruselle from an eldritch ichor secreting obelisk, a demon worshiping cult, and seven demons who are out for blood.

  • Burlesque House Siege! – Cross-Compatible

    On the outskirts of town is the Maison Derriere, a bawdy burlesque house that’s been providing entertainment and thrills to people for decades. You spent the night and had an amazing time …

    … only to wake up in the morning to find the building is about to be attacked by a bandit army.