Free PDFs

On The Rocks: A Carousing PDF

Carousing has been a staple of many tabletop games, including my own, for a very long time. It spans systems, types of players, and scenarios alike. My goal was to create this resource for DMs to infuse different outcomes and experiences into their game, in an upbeat and fun way, to enhance play and create story.

Into the Feywild: An Adventure PDF

A land of mirth and magic beyond our mortal world, filled with satyrs, dryads, spriggans, and fairies, ruled over by the ancient but impetuous archfey of the summer and winter courts. You’re not in your normal campaign setting anymore, this is the Feywild!

Weird on the Waves: Cross-Compatible PDF

In the year 1666 something emerged from the Caribbean sea, a great and terrible force that warped and twisted reality around it. A shimmering border of fog isolated the West Indies from the rest of the world, and now an otherworldly ocean surrounds it. Mermaids arise from the waves, borne of the ocean’s new life. Abominable mutations surge from the deep, attacking ships and shores alike. Fearful islanders turn to the only defense they have: pirates.

Night of the Nutcracker: D&D 5e PDF

On the eve of a winter holiday, the sleepy Stahlbaum Inn is visited by a mysterious toymaker who draws you into the classic tale of the nutcracker and the rat king. When the clock strikes midnight, you are transformed into toys! Brave the perils of a war between toy soldiers and rats, the chill touch of monstrous snowflakes, and an entire kitchen’s worth of living dessert creatures, all on your journey to break the curse upon the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Peril of the Fat Prince: D&D 5e PDF

PotFP is a madcap adventure of investigation and exploration as players chase down the Cult of Abundance, a culinary group of doomsday cultists who’ve kidnapped a prince.

Seance of Silence: D&D 5e PDF

A supplemental PDF of sweet dreams, nightmares, and all the things that haunt the darkest corners of your mind when you fall asleep. Will you embrace these slumbering adventures, or will you take back control with the help of a little bit of magic?

Fortunes in the Mist: A Barovian Astrology PDF

The stars above Barovia have long since vanished from view, but the mystic and lore of astrology still lingers in the people. These signs have taken on a new form, shadows in the mists that can guide one to a better life, find their ideal mate, or perhaps one day lead someone out of this forsaken land. Will you listen to their words of wisdom, or brush this off as foolish nonsense? The choice is yours.

The Hell House Beckons: D&D 5e PDF

In the middle of a barren dustbowl is a manor. Tall and grey, it juts out of the infertile earth like a tombstone, marking the grave of hundreds. This manor is a place of evil. A place where tortured ghosts stalk the halls, and beneath its floorboards are the remnants of atrocities committed in the name of the Devil

Burlesque House Siege!: Cross-Compatible PDF

On the outskirts of town is the Maison Derriere, a bawdy burlesque house that’s been providing entertainment and thrills to people for decades. You spent the night and had an amazing time …

… only to wake up in the morning to find the building is about to be attacked by a bandit army.

Ichor Night: D&D 5e PDF

Ichor Night pits characters against a warren full of the most heinous and grisly monsters known to fantasy roleplaying games: Demons! Help part-time demon hunter Carla Wainwright save her sleepy town of Bontruselle from an eldritch ichor secreting obelisk, a demon worshiping cult, and seven demons who are out for blood.