About Us

Owner, Writer, Editor, Blogger, Customer Service
The Family Cleric

Short Bio: Rebecca (formally Kiel) has been working in the world of tabletop games since 2016, with multiple published works under her belt. She writes the majority of the PDFs we have available. Always has a new game concept she’s telling the rest of the family, but never has enough time to actually run all of these ideas while still being able to find time to live.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Drawing maps, making new characters, running online games, Curse of Strahd, and doing voices as a game master.
Favorite Character Played: Rose Royce, half-elf noble who moonlights as a rogue.
Favorite Gaming Snacks: Tortilla chips and salsa

Artist, Designer, Web Developer
The Family Bard

Short Bio: Soleil is responsible for every art design you see on our merchandise. From the D20s to the Milkshakes, all of them are her creations! She also helps with maintaining site layouts, the ordering and printing of products, and handling the back end of the store. If she isn’t DMing a Ravenloft game, we know something’s wrong.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Romancing NPCs, drawing characters, making playlists for campaigns.
Favorite Character Played: Prianna Rein, half-Vistani bard who uses cooking and culinary skills as her bardic abilities.
Favorite Gaming Snacks: Gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy sharks, etc

Overseer, Chief Food Chomper, Queen of Sits
The Family Druid

Short Bio: Delilah was found abandoned outside a Walmart when she was just a kitten, and became a permanent member of the household. She is now ten years old, and wants to be a part of everything in the business, from order packing to sitting in on calls or family meetings. Her favorite place to sleep is in Soleil’s arms, and she has a rivalry with the local magpie (nicknamed “King Magpie” for his magnificent tail) that likes to swoop the window she sits in.

Favorite Tabletop Things: Sitting on character sheets, sitting on maps, bopping miniatures with her paw, begging for human food.
Favorite Gaming Snacks: Wild West-flavored cat treats, the water that comes out of tuna fish cans, and shredded cheese.

Future Olympic Runner for Team Canada
The Family Rogue

Short Bio: Matilda was adopted from the local Humane Society during quarantine 2020, and has beautiful blue eyes and a caramel stripe on her tail. She is our least effective employee, preferring head bonks to actual work. She’s the most communicative member of the house, letting out bright meows to let you know she’s ready for pets, or playing with her favorite toys. If she isn’t running at top speeds, she’s curled up in someone’s office chair.

Favorite Tabletop Things: The Chaotic Alignment, pretending she knows the Dash skill, and knocking over every book or game screen in sight.
Favorite Gaming Snacks: Burgers, but only ones purchased from McDonalds… for some reason.