The ultimate haunted house adventure and toolkit!

“In the middle of a barren dustbowl is a manor. Tall and grey, it juts out of the infertile earth like a tombstone, marking the grave of hundreds. This manor is a place of evil. A place where tortured ghosts stalk the halls, and beneath its floorboards are the remnants of atrocities committed in the name of the Devil”

“It is a place from Hell, and it must be cleansed”

The Hell House Beckons provides a tense and haunting adventure for d20-based roleplaying games, as well as all the random tables and tools for Game Masters to make their own haunted houses. It’s inspired by films like The Frighteners, Hausu, The Legend of Hell House, The Conjuring, Insidious, and countless others.

Just like those films, it’s a decidedly mature book. The Hell House Beckons contains blood, some nudity, and horrific themes.

Procedurally generated content ensures the adventure is different every time you play it.
Over 16 random tables of items, events, and oddities to fill your haunted house with.
4 ready to play NPCs with stats and character traits.
17 unique ghosts and monsters, complete with stats and description.
Over 50 rooms of spine-tingling terror to explore.
30 custom illustrations.
System and level agnostic rules that are compatible with most d20-based roleplaying games.

July 11, 2020