Buccaneers and Buried Gold!

In the year 1666 something emerged from the Caribbean sea, a great and terrible force that warped and twisted reality around it. A shimmering border of fog isolated the West Indies from the rest of the world, and now an otherworldly ocean surrounds it. Mermaids arise from the waves, borne of the ocean’s new life. Abominable mutations surge from the deep, attacking ships and shores alike. Fearful islanders turn to the only defense they have: pirates. The buccaneers of Tortuga, Port Royal, and Providence have banded together to keep the Caribbean afloat…while they plunder and loot as much as they can!

Weird on the Waves is a 224 page B&W setting and toolkit designed to give players everything they need to play pirates using their fantasy roleplaying game of choice. Within its pages are:

  • New rules for ships, sailing, naval combat
  • Rules for recovering treasure and earning XP
  • A new class of character (The Mermaid)
  • A new setting of the Weird Caribbean, complete with dozens of islands and locations
  • Two pre-made adventures to start you off on the waves
  • All the random tables and tools needed to flesh out a world of sand and sea

For use with any d20-based fantasy roleplaying game, like D&D 5e.