Meant for use with 5e Ravenloft – particularly Curse of Strahd. Can absolutely be altered/used for other things, do what you like!

The stars above Barovia have long since vanished from view, but the mystic and lore of astrology still lingers in the people. These signs have taken on a new form, shadows in the mists that can guide one to a better life, find their ideal mate, or perhaps one day lead someone out of this forsaken land. Will you listen to their words of wisdom, or brush this off as foolish nonsense? The choice is yours.

These signs are based on a Gregorian calendar – one sign per month, as it would be easiest for current Barovians to track that, rather than stars they can’t see.

Ways these tables can be used:
– An additional element of roleplay to add to the mysticism and even paranoia of certain NPCs in Barovia.
– A fun personality/background quirk to play around with for your characters.
– A way of fortune telling if the players are far too wary of the Vistani.
– An additional method of play for including the Mists, beyond what they’re already there for.

This pdf includes pages for all 12 new signs, including personality traits, lucky associations, compatibility/incompatibilities, Curse of Strahd NPC lists for each sign, optional history and lore for how horoscopes are read and how these methods came to be, and a table for DM use that allows for quick fortunetelling.