The Bardic Chef: Recipe – Ochre Blackened Chicken

The life of a Slime hunter must be a frustrating one. A member of my new family claims to be one, and after experiencing the hunt of a near dozen of the yellow-toned variety, I can see why he’s half mad. They can take up the size of an entire shack, from floor to ceiling, filling all corners and spilling from all of the windows, while also escaping through a hole that one can barely squeeze two fingers through. How these creatures haven’t overrun the entire planet yet, I have no idea, the pesky beasts. I understand his need to drink in deep celebration when one’s been finally captured.

The yellow ones are called Ochre. I’ve been told they only burn skin. Tonight I experiment with using a drop or two of their slime as an acidic agent in marinades. If I take great care, damage may be avoided. Or I kill everyone with slime-infused meals. That remains to be seen.


  • 1 tsp Ochre Jelly (smallest amount, take great care when handling! – Jar rest for later use)
  • 6 Chicken pieces, bones removed
  • 2 cups Juice from fruits (citrus works best – berries adequate replacement)
  • ½ cup Honey
  • 4 Hot peppers or hot spices/herbs


In a metal bowl, combine the drop of ochre jelly with juices, honey, and spices and mix well with a spoon. Add the chicken and toss. Allow to marinade for 30 minutes – a cool place is best for this, or an ice box. Cook over a flame at 6 to 8 minutes per side. Top with more peppers and serve.

Ochre Jelly provides an unexpected sour flavor to the dish, that provides a strange balance to the spices. Prepare your guests for this experience.

(PLAY NOTE: Performance roll of 18+ required to avoid acid burns during cooking, and to avoid eaters being harmed. 2d4 acid for prep damage, 1d4 acid to everyone who eats it if the roll is failed.)