The Bardic Chef: Prianna Rein

Name: Prianna Rein
Race: Half-Vistani / Half-Elf (non-D&D based game have human stats used)
Class: Bard (D&D: College of Lore)
D&D Alignment: NG
Background: Guild Merchant (Baking/Cooking)
D&D Languages: Common, Barovian, Patterna (Vistani), Mordentish (High)
D&D Proficiency: Instruments (Viol/Organ/Piano), Cook’s Utensils
Age: Appears late-twenties, but is much, much older.
Skintone: Medium, olive-toned
Hair: Light blonde, long, worn either in a side braid, or in thick natural curls. Up-dos are only for heavily formal occasions.
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140 lbs

D&D Traits:

Personality Trait: I’m rude to people who lack my commitment to hard work and fair play.
Ideal: I’m committed to people I care about rather than ideals.
Embarrassment: Struggles with completing wedding cakes after a scarring experience with being abandoned at the altar.
Muse: Comfort – Prianna creates her food in the hope that she can inspire warmth in the hearts of those who need it most. She spins stories using flavors that will engage nostalgia, hopes, and dreams.

Background: Raised in an elven family, with her mother and step-father, Prianna always felt she was the odd one out. Her family owned a very well-to-do tavern, popular with the locals and travelers alike for it’s amazing food. She was taught to prepare and cook some of the most incredible dishes by her family, and was eager to take over the business when she came of age. That wasn’t to be. She was mortified when her younger half-brother, a full-blood elf, was given the business instead. He quickly ran it into the ground with his mishandling of money, and the family became destitute. Frustrated, Prianna cast off on her own to make her own name in the culinary world… but first she’s going to need some funds for that fancy restaurant she wants to open. For many years she turned to music, primarily her viol, to pay the bills, but that just wasn’t cutting it. Adventuring though… that might do the trick.

Curse of Strahd Background: For DMs who want to play around with her ongoing story – Prianna is currently caught in a never-ending cycle caused by The Mists of Barovia. No matter how many times she experiences this world, she is always brought back to the beginning, in a very Groundhog Day sort of situation. She rarely finds anyone who remembers her. Nothing is every same twice, so her memory can prove to be faulty, depending on what the Mists have changed this time around. She never trusts anything to be the same as she last saw it, not even the people and their motivations. Her goals in each cycle still remain the same – leave Barovia better than how she found it, and save Victor, Strahd, and Rahadin from themselves.

In some lifetimes, she’s been a common adventurer. Sometimes she’s been the true villain, driven to madness by her curse. Sometimes, she’s climbed through the ranks of society to become a burgomeister, noble, or even the queen of Barovia itself. Each time it’s been different, and she never goes into a new cycle expecting anything. It hurts too much if she does.

Some adventurers who cross her path believe she might be a darklord, cursed just as much as the others in the domains of dread – Prianna doesn’t believe this, though, and doesn’t even take it into consideration.

Character Constants In All Verses:

Driven to discover new, unique recipes, often using monsters found in dungeons to create her new ideas.

Very flirtatious, but devoted to a select few, often only taking one (maybe two) long-term partners in each lifetime. In Curse of Strahd universes, she will always be drawn to Strahd, but her eye is actually on his chamberlain Rahadin. She will push aside the vampire lord for a chance at Rahadin if given the opportunity.

Always comes with her beloved skeleton cat Mustard, something given to her by the burgomeister of Vallaki’s son, Victor, many lifetimes ago. At first she had to fight to find Mustard whenever the world reset, but since it’s really just a cat, most DMs let her have it at the start as a companion animal.

Follows the teachings of the Ravenloft goddess Hala, although without a coven of three to commune in, she rarely practices in the open. She holds respect for Mother Night and the Raven Queen, but is suspicious of any other gods and their motives. She thoroughly believes that every single god exists, even if she doesn’t worship them. If Hala is unavailable in a universe, she follows the path of wicca / witchcraft, or whatever in-game religion is closest to it. Her decision to follow the culinary arts as a magical path was heavily influenced by these beliefs (kitchen witch), and it will always be there in her. She doesn’t believe in converting others to these beliefs, and sometimes won’t even bring it up unless someone asks what she’s doing, or what she believes in directly.

Will carry a tarokka deck if a DM allows her to, or makes a way for her to find one. She’s been taught to read it, and can be superstitious about her need to check the cards throughout the day.