A supplemental PDF of sweet dreams, nightmares, and all the things that haunt the darkest corners of your mind when you fall asleep. Will you embrace these slumbering adventures, or will you take back control with the help of a little bit of magic?


– A new NPC shopkeeper, set up in a wagon for easy arrival in any game.
– New mechanics for your players having dreams at night, with the potential of even unlocking prophetic ones to help them in their conquests.
– Four new magical items, all dream-themed, and sold through the new NPC shopkeeper. Suitable for all levels of play, and do not overpower or unbalance.
– A d20 table for determining what style of dreams they will have, with four d100 tables for each dream type (Sweet, Nightmare, Simple, and Fever). That’s 400 completely unique dreams your players can go through!
– Page in the back describing the most common types of dreams, and their interpretations. Just in case.
– Playable for any tabletop RPG system. NPC’s items are priced for D&D 5e, but can be altered as needed. Magical item effects are already universal.
– Full color, with full original art. 11 pages.