I’ll have another drink. What’s the worst that can happen?

– Your party’s rogue, probably

Carousing has been a staple of many tabletop games, including my own, for a very long time. It spans systems, types of players, and scenarios alike. My goal was to create this resource for DMs to infuse different outcomes and experiences into their game, in an upbeat and fun way, to enhance play and create story.

Each of these d100 tables have been carefully written to try and be as system-cohesive as possible – particularly for fantasy/medieval eras. It can be tweaked for more modern games if needed! Feel free to adjust numbers, terminology, or pick and choose to make your own tables for your games.

Ways these tables can be used:
– With the standard carousing mechanics for your preferred system
– As a simplified “if you get drunk, you roll” outcome
– As a way to encourage new avenues of storytelling or revealing tricky plot points
– For helping players navigate unexpected qualities of their characters
– For the hell of it

This pdf includes thematic carousing tables based on location, holiday-themed tables, a festival generator table, and a “drink special” generator series.