GameJoy: Rose Royce ~ the dangers of carousing

These posts detail the life of my ongoing trash elf character Rose Royce. Many were posted previously on Dungeons & Donuts and on Instagram.

Any chance I get, I take my D&D character Rose carousing. I roll on those big tables and I hope to get something interesting.

When I played in Arella’s Curse of Strahd: Sacred Seasons campaign, so much of her character development and how she interacted with plot came out of carousing rolls. Each session she’d start the day scrambling to recover from whatever random drunken shenanigans she got in the night before.

Over the course of the campaign she got tattoos, broke into a noble’s manor, slept with a baron’s son, stolen jewelry, joined a cult, been kidnapped, took part in human sacrifice, ordered 82 slices of cheesecake, and gotten engaged (to the baron’s son).

When you carouse in D&D, your game never has a dull moment.