GameJoy: Rose Royce ~ The Barovian Dress

These posts detail the life of my ongoing trash elf character Rose Royce. Many were posted previously on Dungeons & Donuts and on Instagram.

Art is credited to Arella Prest.

Despite the many times she’d been trapped in the mist-shrouded domain of Barovia, Rose always struggled with Barovian formal wear. Her small but wide statue made their traditional high collared gowns and dresses difficult fits. The tailors of the town of Vallaki had once tried to fit her with children’s clothes, saying they had no idea what a ‘halfling’ even was.

She was to attend dinner at Castle Ravenloft, and despite how little she liked formal wear, she wouldn’t dare show up to dinner with a count dressed in burglar’s leathers. She had standards, after all.

Rose had all but given up hope of getting a dress that fit…until she received a gift from her companion Prianna. A native to the domain and well versed in formal shopping. Rose opened the package and cried out with relief.

It was black. It was trimmed with lace, and the fabric breathed beautifully. Best of all it was off the shoulder, making it so much easier to wear.

As Rose ran her deft fingers across the dress, she paused, feeling something new. She turned the dress inside out…and smiled. Within the dress were several secret pockets, big enough to stash coin purses…or thieves tools.

Prianna had been paying attention. What a true friend!