GameJoy: 4e In Hell – Tarina’s Troubles – session 5

Morning shined upon the Elfsong Tavern and Pizzeria in the lower district of Baldur’s Gate. Gulls in the bay cried out as ships pulled into the city’s docks, laden with fresh fish and goods from far away. Ornery sailors looking to get their grog on would be ambling in in a matter of hours.

Our heroes, Anya, Mal, Hobb awoke to find Rose already at the tavern, nursing a beer with Tarina, their thieves guild contact that Captain Zodge had recruited them to contact about the cult of the Dead Three.

That’s when another character walked in.

Saphi Tethalla is an eladrin wizard from outside of the city, visiting the city on her way to the grand library of Candlekeep. She clutched her spellbook tight to her chest as she nervously navigated her way through the mean streets of the city of blood.

As she passed through the Basilisk Gate, she was jumped by a pair of cultists who tried to make off with her. A few slung spells later and they retreated. This caught the attention of a Flaming Fist patrol. The dwarven lieutenant looked impressed.

“Well lassy, ye seem te be good with a spell or two. Oim thinkin’ we best have a talk about what ye can do fer the good of the city!” he said.

Before she could stammer a response, Saphi had a copper deputy badge pressed into her palm and was shoved in the direction of the Elfsong Tavern with the instruction of finding and questioning an elf named Tarina.

A few introductions and a breakfast pizza later, Saphi was sitting with Anya, Mal, and Rose, officially part of the team. Hobb found that he was the only member of the ‘animatronic’ band left, so he donned his makeshift rat costume and got to performing.

(Custom map of the Elfsong Pizzeria, made from existing 4e maps by Mike Schley).

The party got to playing baldur’s bones with Tarina (a local game similar to liar’s dice), eventually learning about her predicament:

Tarina happened upon what the Dead Three are up to in Baldur’s Gate, and knows where their main hideout is in the city. She wouldn’t give up the information to the party unless they did her a favour. Tarina is on the run from her old pirate crew, which she’s heard has just made port in Baldur’s Gate, looking for her. Tarina wanted protection from the party as she made her way to Little Calimshan to escape.

As soon as she shared this info, twelve murderous pirates and their pirate dog barged into the tavern. Their captain, Dead Eye Cadavrus, offered free drinks to anyone who could point out Tarina.

The Elfsong’s patrons were quick to give her up, so the party was on the defensive. Battle began!

In seven rounds, our heroes managed to beat back the pirates. Saphi showed the group what she was made of by casting a flaming sphere that moved and rolled at her command, burning up pirates. Anya weilded her sword Sisterkisser with aplomb, cutting down pirates in pairs.

Hobb used his paladin strength to shield the party from harm as captain Dead Eye unleashed an unusual attack: he picked up the pirate’s bulldog Bosun and slung him under his arm like a blunderbuss. With a squeeze, the dog belched out a blast of magic missiles!

Mal finished Dead Eye off with a magical crescent moon attack of Selune, laying the pirates low and causing the rest of the crew to retreat!

Tarina thanked them, and offered them the pile of gold she’d been planning to use to smuggle herself out of the city. With her enemies defeated, she could claim their pirate ship and get back to sailing. She told them that the Dead Three hideout was somewhere inside the Nymph’s Delight bathhouse in the city.

Now flush with gold, the party decided they’d be best served by buying magic items before visiting the bathhouse.