GameJoy: 4e In Hell – Suffering In Sewers – session 7

Our heroes descended down the secret passageway in the Nymph’s Delight bathhouse and into the lair of the cult of the Dead Three. Here they believed the followers of Bane, B’haal, and Myrkul were plotting and scheming to upend the city of Baldur’s Gate.

The party’s paladin, Hobb the Nail, joined them at the last minute to head into the underground hideout. There they trudged through hallways filled with fetid water and runoff from the bathhouse. Moisture swollen doors barred their paths, and the hallways contained several corpses of the cult’s sacrifices.

A brief aside from me, the DM: the map of this hideout that comes with the adventure is fine, but it’s WAY too big and meandering to work well with D&D 4e combat, so I needed to come up with a new one.

Here’s what I designed on paper…

…and here’s the first part of what I mocked up in Photoshop using 4e dungeon tile graphics!

The party trudged through the water, avoiding cursed braziers and zombies, eventually squaring off against a B’Haal Death’s Head cultist (who it turned out was from the same orphanage as Anya, and the two detested each other).

Their victory landed them in a supply room filled with stolen treasures. When Mal dug through it she came across a draconic blade that psychicly spoke to her in dragon-speak. Using her Religion skill, she discovered that a good amount of the treasures were stolen directly from Tiamat’s treasure hoard in the Nine Hells! Whoever was funding these cultists were doing so with stolen wealth.

But this predicament would need to wait until next session.