GameJoy: 4e In Hell – It’s All Gone Yuan-Ti – session 3

The next morning in the Elfsong Tavern and Pizzeria, the party awoke slightly hung over and smelling of pizza grease. Sir Volaash was asleep under the bar, and Hobb the Nail had decided to take the place of the animated rat robot band, pulling off one of the construct’s rat fursuits and pulling it over his armour. He then spent the day practicing the drums.

This left Mal, Anya, and Rose to seek out brunch in Baldur’s Gate. They had a strong desire to shop for new clothes and procure mimosas.

They set out into the Wide market, where a few handy perception checks revealed Angelica, the yuan-ti sorceress from the night before! She was threatening an apothecary vendor, trying to buy poison off of him.

The party sprung into action, surrounding her and bringing her to justice real quick-like. With a swing of Anya’s sword ‘sister kisser’, the yuan-ti was no more.

The party celebrated with brunch, mimosas, and a lengthy conversation about the morality of yuan-ti skin boots and bags. It was revealed that Anya is an eclectic fashionista constantly striving to improve her wardrobe.

At the end of the day, Rose shared another detail with the party. She was being blackmailed by Ellyn Harbreeze of harbreeze bakery. Rose had gone into debt with the thieves’ guild, unbeknownst to her noble father. Ellyn Harbreeze, the biggest gossip in Baldur’s Gate, found this out and used the information against Rose, threatening to have her banished from the city if she doesn’t do Harbreeze’s bidding.

Over bunch, our heroes planned with Rose to break in to Harbreeze Bakery and steal whatever proof Ellyn has, but that would need to wait until next session!