GameJoy: 4e In Hell – Enter Baldur’s Gate – session 1

In the wide market of Baldur’s Gate’s upper district, on one of the few days it is open to the entire city, five unlikely characters come together under dire circumstances.

The whole region is in a bad way. Less than a week ago the neighbouring city of Elturel suddenly vanished. Those who escaped say the holy city was “suddenly sucked into the earth, as if dragged down to the Nine Hells itself!” Now Baldur’s Gate is being flooded with refugees from the missing Elturel, seeking asylum.

The city’s nominal police force, the Flaming Fist mercenary company, has declared martial law, barring the city’s gates from letting any refugee enter. Those suspected of being from Elturel are arrested on site.

Our heroes meet each other for the first time in the wide market, under the watchful eyes of the Beloved Ranger statue.

(map courtesy of Jason A. Engle)

On the stage a noble orator warned of the dangers of the refugee threat, and how the Flaming Fist weren’t doing enough to keep them out. The orator was interrupted suddenly by five black cloaked figures rushing the stage. Some had faces painted like skulls, others wore a single red gauntlet, the final figure was shriveled and partially undead!

Dead Three cultists! Worshippers of Bane, B’Haal, and Myrkul. They beat the orator and attempted to run off with him.

Our heroes rushed in! There were cultists to beat!

The grid combat took all of six rounds: it was a flurry of sacred flames, smiting strikes, and breath weapons. In the end, all five cultists were beaten! The assembled characters Mal, Anya, Sir Volaash, Hobb, and Rose agreed that now that combat was over it was time for brunch and afternoon cocktails.

Sadly this would have to wait. From the crowd came the Flaming Fist. Zodge, their captain, detained all of them and said “Looks like we’ve got able bodied souls able to take on cultists! Congratulations, you’re being deputized!”