GameJoy: 4e In Hell – Deputized! – session 2

Session 2 – “Deputized!” or “Five Frights At Elfsong’s”

Our heroes Anya, Hobb, Sir Volaash, Mal, and Rose were rounded up by the flaming fist for questioning. Captain Zodge, an embittered mercenary captain with a sticky leaf addiction, filled them in on the details: cultists of the Dead Three have been kidnapping nobles and noteworthy people off the streets ever since Elturel disappeared. The flaming fist is spread too thin from the refugee crisis to handle this, and they have no idea where to start.

She puts a copper deputy badge into each of their hands and tells them to go to the Elfsong tavern to question her thieves guild contact, Tarina. If they’re successful in getting rid of the cultist problem, there’s 200 gp in it for them.

So Anya, Mal, Hobb, Sir Volaash, and Rose set out for the tavern. While walking they learned more about each other:

  • Rose knew Malachite’s parents back when they were adventurers. She’s works for Harbreeze Bakery at the moment.
  • Mal is visiting from Silverymoon. She was sent from the temple of Selune to provide relief to the city.
  • Sir Volaash is a paladin of Bahamut from ‘dragonborn island’, and shared the finer details of scale polishing and dragonborn hygeine.
  • Anya is an eladrin who’s been living in a human convent/orphanage for the past 100 or so years until she reached maturity. She’s eager to be free of it.
  • Hobb is a soft spoken follower of the Raven Queen, hidden under a suit of plate mail. Like Anya and Sir Volaash, he is unaccustomed to the ways of a city.

Art by @Vulphii

Once they arrived the party discovered the Elfsong Tavern had been renovated into a family style theme restaurant: a pizzeria with an animated construct band dressed up as rats. I described it to my players as “Imagine a Chuck E. Cheese, but the animatronic band is just made up of every horrifying iteration of Chuck E”

Hobb immediately took to this band, becoming their biggest fan.

The party ordered pizza (a first for many of them) and began to spread out and question people. They found Tarina and agreed to settle up with her in the morning.

As the night came to a close, something awful happened! The animated constructs came to life and began to attack people! From the kitchens, a huge mound of pizzas had been infused with diabolist magics, creating a pizza demon!

*Cue battle music* 

The culprit was a yuan-ti sorceress and her imp familiar. Both of whom escaped into the night before being caught. It seems they wanted to ruin the reputation the Elfsong Tavern so they could purchase it on the cheap from the owner. No such luck.

Our heroes were victorious!