GameJoy: 4e in Hell – An introduction

Upon receiving press copies of Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus for review, I was smitten with the adventure and I wanted to run it as a new campaign for my friends.

Around the same time, some of us on online were waxing nostalgic about the previous iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, fourth edition. I cut my teeth on D&D 4e. It’s the game that taught me how to be a good dungeon master and how best to approach designing adventures, maps, and campaigns.

Now that the system is over ten years old (and is essentially abandon-ware) I decided to dust off the old rulebooks and reclaim the much maligned system. Now that it’s old and no one cares about it, it’s the perfect game of choice for a pretentious gaming hipster like me.

So I’m converting Descent Into Avernus bit by bit to D&D fourth edition, breaking it down into a series of two hour long encounters and running it for my friends. 

Recaps of this campaign are called 4e In Hell, and will contain art, custom battle maps I’ve cobbled together, bits of advice, and a narrative of the misfit adventurers who whether by chance or fate found themselves in Baldur’s Gate at precisely the right time.