GameJoy: One day I’ll run a star wars…

Like most born in the 80’s and 90’s, I have a deep abiding affection for Star Wars. My very first roleplaying game book was the d20 Star Wars revised edition rulebook, which instilled in me a love of both tabletop roleplaying games and space wizards swinging laser swords around.

Right after the The Force Awakens came out, I caught the Star Wars bug again. In a small cafe I drafted the history, design, and layout of new Star Wars ship, created on the off chance I’d get to run some Star Wars roleplaying games again.

The Paradise is an ‘ugly’ ship, one patched together from the wrecks of other starships. In this case, it’s a combination of two StarSpeeder 3000’s (From Star Tours) and a section of a Corellian YT series freighter. Its captain, Dana Forticus, is a world-weary gravel voiced space mom to a collection of Star Wars muppet creatures that form her crew. She’s trying to scrape together enough credits to retire on a tropical backwater world far from the bustle of the New Republic and the First Order.

One day I’ll put the crew of the Paradise to good use, cruising across the galaxy at light speed.