GameJoy: Look what arrived from Icewind Dale!

The following materials were provided for free by the fine PR folks at Wizards of the Coast.

Earlier this week I received a big press package from Wizards of the Coast. I’d been expecting a press copy of the new Icewind Dale book for review this month, but what they sent me was an absolute treasure trove!

Along with both the standard and collector’s edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, they sent me the Dice and Miscellany set, a D&D ampersand pop-socket, two grid notebooks with the Hydro74 cover art on them, a soft ivory dice bag with icy D&D ampersand and a set of gorgeous tortoiseshell coloured dice, and a giant-sized soft cloth map of Icewind Dale!Among these, the tortoiseshell coloured dice and the dice bag are very nice and are sure to be used in my weekly games in the future. The giant cloth map is rectangular and so long it could almost double as a pashmina, scarf, or throw, in case one wants to adorn themselves with the many locales of Ten Towns.

This package was really impressive and very much appreciated. I’ve been diving into the books and extra materials all week and have been really invested in this upcoming adventure (full impressions to come later this month).If any of this looks cool to you, be sure to check out Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden when it launches on September 15th!