GameJoy: Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick & Morty

We live in a glorious age where Dungeons & Dragons is once again getting boxed sets filled with all kinds of fun goodies. This one just happens to be themed around Adult Swim cartoon Rick & Morty, and it’s an absolute riot!

The included rulebook contains almost exactly the same rules as both the Starter Set and the Essentials Kit, except they’re expanded from 32 pages to 64 with an abundance of commentary, critique, advice, and new random tables provided by Rick Sanchez of Dimension C-137.

This added commentary is written in Rick’s voice, complete with shaky vo-o-oice, b-*BURP*-urps, and a f***ton of swears (censored with asterisks. It’s still an age 13+ product after all). If you’re familiar with the show, you won’t be able to read through the book without hearing Justin Roiland’s Rick voice.

Rickth Edition boils down to a brutal, no-nonsense approach to D&D that gleams in the eyes of petty grognards. Death is everywhere, the DM is an omnipotent god, characters are expendable, combat is king, and spells are divided into the categories of ‘Yes, Burn!’, ‘Meh’, and ‘Jerry Spell’. It’s exactly what you’d expect a Rick and Morty take on D&D to be.

The adventure does a few clever and meta things, but to go into them would spoil a lot of the jokes and the ending. This is the kind of adventure that groups are only likely to play through once, so to be brief it’s a solid little adventure you can complete in a single session with a decent amount of solid jokes and setups.

Of everything included, the star of the show is the DM Screen. The outer art by Troy Little depicts Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth, and NPC Meatface absolutely riggity-wrecking a dungeon full of classic D&D monsters in amazingly gory detail (Jerry is also present). The interior is a standard D&D 5e rules breakdown, but in high contrast colors and decked out in Rick and Morty style recreations of the classic Richard Whitters ‘Condition’ sketches. This new art is fantastic. It’s fun, funny, and conveys so much emotion with its more cartoony style.

I love this boxed set a lot. It’s a really solid intro to D&D for the uninitiated, and it’s absolutely a blast for Rick & Morty fans. If you’re even a little curious, it’s worth the price of admission!