GameJoy: DIY D&D: Ravenloft Campaign Binder PART 1

For as many D&D campaigns as I’ve run and finished, it took me a long time to finally put together a proper campaign binder. Most of my D&D notes have either been recorded digitally in a word document, or scattered throughout one or more moleskin notebooks. I’m terribly unorganized when it comes to campaign tracking, and in 2017 I aimed to change that.

Here are some pages and custom templates from my original Ravenloft campaign binder. At the time it was assembled, the campaign was entering ‘season 2’ territory. The players had beaten Curse of Strahd and were looking to explore the domains of dread, which meant a lot more to track.

I’m especially proud of the domain templates. Each domain has stats similar to a D&D character, representing their military, culture, agriculture, education level, and more. It was a really solid way for me to track what the immediate vibe was for each domain.

While this portion of the campaign only lasted about a dozen sessions, the binder stuck around, and was used in my next campaign, Five Courses of Strahd. It would go through a number of big changes, which I’ll cover eventually in PART 2.