GameJoy: Cats + Cartography: Unused Neverwinter Map

Cats + Cartography is a series where I post a map I’ve made along with a picture of our cat.

In 2019 I released Peril of the Fat Prince, an investigation and dungeon adventure that pits players against the machinations of a prince kidnapping cult bent on summoning a mutant deity from a different dimension. It’s available in the Birch + Bat store.

The adventure takes place in my original setting of the City-State of Invincia and the Arcane Badlands, but at one point in playtesting I had set it in the Forgotten Realms in the city of Neverwinter. As I developed the book I came up with a custom map of Neverwinter to match it’s aesthetic.

Thus I now have this fresh pink and teal Neverwinter map to use for home campaigns.

The adventure itself fits into the Forgotten Realms pretty easily with a few adjustments.

Of course while I was brainstorming and detailing the whole thing Delilah kept me company.