BuJo: Throwback to my first Character Journal

I’ve always been someone who gets overwhelmed by a standard character sheet. Odd, I know, especially when it works so well for so many people – the 5e sheet is pretty great as it is. It’s just my eyes, and how they scan for things, they’ve got a problem or two.

In order to adjust for this, I began using one of my bullet journals to rearrange information the way that I wanted, in a way that made sense to me when I needed to quickly grab some mid-game stats. Math has also always been a huge struggle for my brain, and I discovered that my own custom layouts stripped away some of the difficulty for me.

This first version of a bullet journal spread worked really well for me, and lasted me a good three years.

The other pages I put together covered some other areas, like relationships, the state of her customizing her wagon, her pets, and the tables that were being used in play for her ongoing storyline.

This would get refined later on, as needed, but for the campaign it was used for, it worked marvelously.