BuJo: Having a DM Date / Opposing Styles

One of the best parts of being involved with a fellow dungeon master? DM dates. I don’t get to have them as often outside of the home now, due to my health conditions, but there’s just something lovely about sitting in the corner of a coffee shop or in the food court of a mall, across from the other person, as you compare and contrast.

Sweet snacks and sugary coffee are a must for me, while Rebecca always chooses sharper, or more bitter tastes. This is also reflected in how we write – my journals are full of color and aesthetic, and hers are minimalist and to the point. My monster stat blocks are more vague, and I tend to adjust on the fly. Hers have more math than my brain can conceptualize, laid out very professionally. My map doodles are done so I can better articulate furniture, lighting, colors, and moods, as theater of the mind requires it. Hers are done for battle and movement, and traditionally navigating a space for miniature-style play.

It’s always fascinating to me to see how opposite we can be.